Oprah Winfrey: From an Impoverished Girl to the First Black Woman Billionaire

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When Donald Trump take the position of President, it would be a remarkable climax of grassroots to riches life story. When she was young aged four or five, she didn’t expect one day the expected life would come true. The only hope of her grandmother about Oprah Winfery is hope she could become a domestic worker and meet a kind employer, hoping she could be treated fairly and nicely.

In recent days, some heated discussion emerge about Winfrey might run for President of the USA. Some educated guess are released according to current opinion poll, in which she won more supporters than Donald Trump. One of her friends Richard Sher says that Oprah Winfery could own anything she like. In 1976, Richard once shared a sofa with Oprah Winfery in a talkshow. After winning Cecil B DeMille Achievement Award and a speech, Sher talked with her, and she indicated no interests in running. He speculate it would not be the thing she would like to do.

According to some results of opinion polls, Oprah Winfrey may be less popular than Joe Biden among Democrats. The speculation has been released several years, and she denied the possibility to devote herself to running. Though her political stance having been soften, she will never intend to run for presidential election.

In her narrative, some details involving growing from a hardscrabble and traumatic girl to the wealthiest black woman were disseminated to all American, creating the most inspiring model of the state.

In 1954, she was born in Mississippi but raised by her grandmother. When she was six years old, her grandmother had to send her to live with mother, who worked for long hours as a cleaner. Unfortunately, she was raped by her cousin. In addition to the sexual insult, she was also haunted by other men. She went to live with her father aged 14 while the fact her pregnancy was concealed. A baby boy was given birth two months later, but he died later.

Oprah’s father expected she could win good grades at school. She also live up to his expectations. But a miracle changed her life – winning a beauty pageant sponsored by a local radio station. Due to her smooth, warm and stable voice, one offered a post to her in a TV, working as a news reporter and a co-anchor of the six o’clock news. Since then, the girl stared to write a brand new page of her career. In the beginning, people could not accept the fact Jerry had to preside over news program together with an African-American woman. In such a complicated environment, she certainly could not live a comfortable life, let along styling herself with berets, customized t-shirts and other fashionable accessories.

Sher and Oprah Winfrey started to work together from a talk show – People Are Talking. When talking about a story of children killed in a fire, murdered and abused, she wore her heart on her sleeve, though she tried to keep objective.

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