Priscilla Chan: Philanthropy or Hypocrisy

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More and more wealthy CEOs promises to make contributions to charity, trying to iron out corporation’s crisis. A certain amount of people called the strategy as “philanthrocapitalism”. Is that belonging to corporate hypocrisy?

In 2017, almost all headlines of media are swept by Mark Zuckerberg’s charitable activities. The Initiative was proposed by the well-known tech billionaire and his wife Priscilla Chan, donating over $3m to alleviate housing crisis in the Silicon Valley area. The president of of the Initiative David Plouffe says, “Those work aims at helping families stuck in temporary crisis. At the same time, they also launch some research to find long-term solutions. Those two-step tactics will guide those policies and projects moving forward.

Above guidance is only a tiny part of the Zuckerberg’s philanthropic projects. In addition, the Initiative also promised to allocate billions of dollars to solve social problems, like science, medical research and education. The whole package plan started from December 2015; at that time, a letter from Zuckerberg to his baby also was diffused to every corner of the world, producing a worldwide sensation at that time. In the letter, they also promised to advancing human potential and improving equality over the course of their lives by donating 99% of their shares. Those shares were valued at $45bn or so at that time.

Of course, the housing intervention is connected to houses closely. It’s well-known that there are substantial income disparities in San Francisco, in which the most expensive properties are towering there. Their Initiative tries to intervene the real estate market to ease social and economic problems. Even a tech workers on six-digit salaries are hardly to wade over the difficulty problems. Those on more modest incomes would have more problems in the respect. The main factor contributed to high-rising rents and house prices is boom of tech industry in the area, especially boom of Facebook.

Peter Cohen, a member of Council of Community Housing Organizations, says that one would get themselves involved in the slosh of tricky matters, such as concentration of wealth and real-estate money. Wading into housing as real-estate commodities means speculation. The tech tycoon’s generosity seems only a small drop of water of the sea, which could not be a sound solution for the large problem. To a certain extent, the housing grants could only alleviate thirst instantly. It seems like reallocating a fraction of benefits in the name of generosity. For the purpose of addressing problems incurred by inequality, it may be caused by an unfair social and economic system.

Most people may take Zuckerberg as a hero of the world, just like a genius person made him rich first and decided to use the benefits to compensate others. It seems like he intends to help others for self-interest in a holy and stainless image. But the hidden nature of the Initiative could be perceived only after slightly scraping of the surface, the Initiative itself conveys numerous values beyond charity, which cemented his corporate in a intangible manner.

Suitable Accessories in Autumn

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Many accessories like sunglasses, big bags and hot berets are suitable to various looks on streets. Matching your outfits with a beret, a pair of white sneakers, a pair of sunglasses all could create eye-catching looks. I was attracted by this kind of looks recently.

When I enjoy some fashion looks, I noticed an interesting report about Evan Rachel Wood. The star refused to film the 10 Things I Hate About Life for ridiculous plots. Her representatives claimed she was filed for walking out on a movie.

According to gossip news, producers intended to ask Wood to play a romantic drama with a confident and sexual image in 10 Things I Hate About Life. The same production team also produced a similar film in 1999 – 10 Things I Hate About You. Both the producer and Wood said they have done everything they could do to conduct the contract. Producers claimed that the leading role refused to go back for further shooting, causing shut down of the production and related work. The production part said they have the rights to halt the shoot in July 2013, but Wood should not go away from a leading role.

Producers claimed that they also asked Wood to come back and resume the shooting work, and they also would like to pay extra-money. But a representative of Wood said the accusation is ridiculous. It’s obvious that they would like to solve financial problems through bullying strategy. After long time shut down of production, Evan also consent to resume production at the end of 2013. Because producers said they could solve all problems prior to the time. But they failed to make it. Evan owed money was not paid. Following promises regarding production and payment all turned out to be fake.

A representative of Wood argues that she played many troubled young characters in many films. In the film The Ides of March, it’s a great opportunity to act as a grownup, casting a different role and showing attractive highlights. Upon having received phone calls from George Clooney, Wood didn’t say no. After knowing about her co-stars, she accepted the invitation delightedly and cheerfully. The main content of the film is about a back-room scheming, and the politician keep his hands clean and has nothing to do with the scheme. Wood plays an intern at a hospital who tries to derail Clooney’s political scheme.

Wood claims that she is very glad to play a young mature, witty and sexy female in the film. It’s a rare opportunity to meet a well-written character. In addition, the film also features other two female roles. I voice that I inclined to take the role Molly, who is confident, sexual and refreshing. Woods agrees on the opinion with her head nodded.

Sitting with crossed legs and wearing a pair of the highest heels I have ever seen, Wood puts on an exquisite suit sand a cream silk shirt. All factors and accessories contribute to her beaming and alluring looks.

Oprah Winfrey: From an Impoverished Girl to the First Black Woman Billionaire

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When Donald Trump take the position of President, it would be a remarkable climax of grassroots to riches life story. When she was young aged four or five, she didn’t expect one day the expected life would come true. The only hope of her grandmother about Oprah Winfery is hope she could become a domestic worker and meet a kind employer, hoping she could be treated fairly and nicely.

In recent days, some heated discussion emerge about Winfrey might run for President of the USA. Some educated guess are released according to current opinion poll, in which she won more supporters than Donald Trump. One of her friends Richard Sher says that Oprah Winfery could own anything she like. In 1976, Richard once shared a sofa with Oprah Winfery in a talkshow. After winning Cecil B DeMille Achievement Award and a speech, Sher talked with her, and she indicated no interests in running. He speculate it would not be the thing she would like to do.

According to some results of opinion polls, Oprah Winfrey may be less popular than Joe Biden among Democrats. The speculation has been released several years, and she denied the possibility to devote herself to running. Though her political stance having been soften, she will never intend to run for presidential election.

In her narrative, some details involving growing from a hardscrabble and traumatic girl to the wealthiest black woman were disseminated to all American, creating the most inspiring model of the state.

In 1954, she was born in Mississippi but raised by her grandmother. When she was six years old, her grandmother had to send her to live with mother, who worked for long hours as a cleaner. Unfortunately, she was raped by her cousin. In addition to the sexual insult, she was also haunted by other men. She went to live with her father aged 14 while the fact her pregnancy was concealed. A baby boy was given birth two months later, but he died later.

Oprah’s father expected she could win good grades at school. She also live up to his expectations. But a miracle changed her life – winning a beauty pageant sponsored by a local radio station. Due to her smooth, warm and stable voice, one offered a post to her in a TV, working as a news reporter and a co-anchor of the six o’clock news. Since then, the girl stared to write a brand new page of her career. In the beginning, people could not accept the fact Jerry had to preside over news program together with an African-American woman. In such a complicated environment, she certainly could not live a comfortable life, let along styling herself with berets, customized t-shirts and other fashionable accessories.

Sher and Oprah Winfrey started to work together from a talk show – People Are Talking. When talking about a story of children killed in a fire, murdered and abused, she wore her heart on her sleeve, though she tried to keep objective.